Steeking Rogue cardigan

I’m about to start on the body of Rogue ( and I want to make it into a cardigan. I’d much rather knit it in the round so I was thinking of making a steek.
I know it would be simpler to just knit the body back and forth but it would make it a less enjoyable project for me. I’ve never worked with steeks before and I don’t want to have bad surprises at the end, so I would like to know what pitfalls you more experienced knitters see in doing this.

My main fear is that the front edge is going to be bulky. There’s a hem at the bottom of the sweater, so if I fold the (cut) steek to the inside and then sew the zipper between the hem and main body, there’s going to be 4 layers of worsted weight there…

Thanks for any advice!

have you check this thread?

scary!!! :oo::mrgreen: