Steeking A Solid Color Knit

I am ready to try my first steeking project. I am making a modified drop shoulder cardigan with some horizontal stripes. I haven’t seen much online or in my books about steeking in solid colors. Are the steeks done in stockinette or is some other stitch pattern used to distinguish the edge stitches and steeks?


You can put a marker on the needle to show you the place for the steek or you can use a removable stitch marker or a piece of scrap yarn to mark the place where the steek will go. Really it’s just a matter of following the line between two columns of sts. When finished, I pin the lines on either side of the marker that I’m going to sew along and when that’s done, just cut on the center marked line. The edges are covered by a seam or an edging (or both) anyway.

Ok that sounds simple enough. This is going to be an adventure :smiley:


Here are some pictures and a detailed description that may help.