Presently, I am making a sweater from the top down with the intent of cutting down the center and making it into a cardigan. I added enough extras stitches for the steek down center front, but I forgot to figure in for the overlap of the two front pieces. SO,I have decided that I will face the two sides and I will also add maybe three loops on the right side will catch the buttons on the left side. I don’t want it buttoned all the way down the front. In my mind, I see this as working and looking nice.I want to know if any of you have done this and how it worked out for you.

It sounds like a good idea to me. If you wanted to, though, depending on the style of what you have so far, you could pick up stitches along the front edges and add button bands.

I didn’t want to do the button band stlye. I had planned to over lap the faced pieces and work sewn buttonholes into the front. Just like the wool sweaters I wore as a child. They had grograin facings with sewn buttonholes. I loved those sweaters back then. Since I forgot to add extra for overlapping, adding loops seemed the best finish. I rarely button my sweaters anyway. Nothing down the front might even work if I could find one of those old fashion sweater clasp closures. I even thought about making frog closures using I-cord. Thanks for your thoughts.
Sandra from SC

There are pewter clasps at this site. Just scroll down a bit.