This is the first time I am doing steek., and seem like there are 3 ways to do it. Manual sewing, crochet, and machine sew (straight or Zigzag). Which way is better?
I am not sure how well the crochet will keep the knitting well enough.
And if using manual way, do I need to make sure to sew through on every yarn?
Machine sew seem easier, but how to do the Zigzag method?



I’ve used machine and hand sewing for steeks. I like the idea of using the zigzag stitch because of the flexibility it’ll give.
If you’re working with non-superwash wool, any of these methods will work.


And not to confuse the issue, but there’s also “knotted steeks” too… :slight_smile:


Ok, I think I will try zigzag. Hope everything will go smooth for me. :slight_smile: