Steek stitch

I ordered the Book"Knitting in the Round", there is a pattern in it that calls for making a steek stitch, wondering if any one could tell me how or some where I can see how to do it. Thanks

Try reading THIS ARTICLE

Thanks, I read it . But I need to see video or pictures to know how to make it. don’t always understand words. Haha - :wink: Have a picture of the throw.( Pattern called Golden Lattice) supppose to be easy.


Not quite knowing where the confusion lies, I’ll just sort of try to stab at some general explanation…

So, a seek deelio is where you knit in the round, then cut the tube so that it could lie flat. This could be handy for, say, a cardigan where you knit the whole thing in a complicated stitch pattern with stripes and bangles and do-dads that may not match up if you did the cardigan fronts separate. So, you knit the whole thing as one piece like it wasn’t going to have a zipper, or button band, or what ever, cut up the middle, and voila! two matching front pannels.

What I guess is called the Norwegian style is where you use mechanized stitches (like, use a sewing machine to make two parallel lines up the front) and cut between, using the machine stitches to secure the fabric so you don’t end up with an unravelly mess. Which would be unseemly, and destroy god knows how many hours of work. From all explanations, this seems to be one of the easier ways, because it is quick and hopefully secure.

So, do you have a specific question? I’m realizing that I can generalize all I want but it may not be any good to you at all… You may have read all this and went, “Duh,” thus making this all little more than an exersie in practicing my typing. As if I needed any more of that :slight_smile:

Bear in mind also that I have not actually done a seek, but simply understand the mechanics.

Here is what I’m talking about.With CC cast on 177 sts, pm, cast on 4 sts for steek, pm join without twisting. work pattern bind off sew and cut steek.
Throw is worked in the round with a steek; keep steek sts in p throughout entire throw. Steek sts are not included in st count
Here is the Question? How do you make the steek st ?
Its suppose to be easy skill level.

have added an attectment

Aha! I think I have your answer. The steek stitches are extra, not included in the 177 stitches of the patern. It’s not a stitch patern, but a seam allowance of sorts. Those 4 extra steek stitches will be the place where you do your cutting…

So, “keep steek sts in p throughout entire throw” directs you to purl, it apears, for those 4 steek stitches you’ve added in.

Think of it this way… Imagine you co 177 stitches in a lovely shade of blue, then the four steek stitches in shocking pink. All the blue stitches will be knit in pattern, the pink in purls, creating vertical pink stripe in your tube. Then, when you’re done, you will cut the pink stripe in half, after preparing the steek (probably by sewing with a sewing machine… you’d have to refer to the book for the way they reccomend). What this will leave is a lovely flat blue fabric with two pink edges.

Now, since I’m sure this isn’t how you’ll be knitting it, you could use stitch markers before and after the 4 steek stitches to mark them. So, you’d work the 177 in pattern, slip the marker, purl the 4, slip the market, work the 177 in the next round, etc.

Does this make any sense at all? I still haven’t finished my coffee and I’m trying to explain pattern directions :confused:

Thanks lots ,I think I can figure it out from here ,(hopefully) if not I’ll be back, just starting out and loving it. Erma :wink: