Staying Organized

I did a search before starting this post, so forgive me if this has already been discussed.

I’ve been knitting for over three years, and realized just today that I’ve got WAY too much. There’s just so much of it, it’s hard to keep it all in one place.

A while ago, I picked up an Artbin Hook & Needle Case, which has worked excellently until recently. Now there are just too many needles to fit. Come tax time, I’ll be picking up a set of KnitPicks interchangeables, but I don’t think I’d want to just throw away the fixed circs I’ve got…

I have an entire picnic basket full of yarn, not including whatever’s on needles at the moment, and it’s a pain to dig through it whenever I want to start something new. The same goes for the nest of circulars in zip-lock bags. Next week, I’ll be picking up a closet-bar shoe organizer to stuff all the skeins of yarn into; I’m sure that’ll be a huge help.

Anyway, how do YOU stay organized?

You have[I][B] one[/B][/I] picnic basket full of yarn? [B][I] Just one[/I][/B]? :shock: I’ve acquired at least that much this year. :zombie: Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help, it’s not in my DNA to be organized. Seriously, I am trying to get organized, just haven’t made it yet. I read threads about being organized in hope that somehow, someway, something will take root and I’ll actually get there. :pray:

Whoa… Only one picnic basket? Just how big is the basket?? I have a glass fronted cupboard and one closed cabinet I keep some in, a rolling cart and multiple bags for the rest. I do need like it organized so I need to start working…

My needles (all circs) go in an interchangeable needle case. My other knitting supplies are in a zipped bag in my main knitting bag.

I keep needles and accessories in a project tote. It’s not a great system, because a lot is just thrown in. Only the straight and dpn needles are in the outside pockets, and if I loose the needle sizer, I’m kind of screwed. I have yarn in plastic bags separated by weight. All this is on my “knitting stuff” bookshelf.

Ha! :rofl:
This topic is always on my mind.
My organization is sort of shame-based right now. My stash occupies several largish plastic bins with pull-out drawers that I keep in the guest bedroom closet (and one spooky box stashed behind my couch). I hate digging through them and the bins are big enough that I can’t see everything in them but they still won’t hold enough yarn for a sweater. So I’ve just ordered this Five Tier Storage Organizer from Patternworks for only $9.99 (:happydance:). It hangs from a closet rod and looks like it will be easier to root through, though I can see the cats trying to climb in it. I’ve never really had knitter oriented storage before so I’m really excited to see how it works for me.
What I really wanted was this Stitcher’s Closet. It also hangs from your closet rod but its $42.99 and so I decided to give the smaller one a go first. I also really want the circular needle storage tacked on the side of the Stitcher’s Closet.

That is a great price on that tote! Gosh, I want one!

I have one of these. I had to take it down because of a cat. It should be okay as long as you keep it in a closed closet. Cats should never be around yarn anyway. Hint… Don’t put put WIP in it unless they are in a bag…the needles can get stuck.

The other things just look like sweater organizers I’ve seen at Target.

Thank for this! Yes, I’ve never had open storage for yarn before, so I definitely need to make some closet changes. My youngest cat loves to take naps in there and she can open the door. I already keep the stash in ziploc bags to thwart moths but I still foresee trouble.

Only one small thing? I have one plastic footlocker full and then some. I threw some of it out because it smelled like smoke and I didn’t want to deal with it. I quit smoking almost a year ago and wanted to start fresh with new yarn.

Congratulations on quitting smoking! :yay:
I quit seven years ago and boy was it tough. I think I was grumpy for at least a year. Knitting is what got me through it.

Ha! That Stitcher’s Closet that is $42.99 is nothing more than an oversized (and over-priced) shoe or sweater organizer. Go to any dollar store and you can find them cheap cheap cheap.

I have several of these sweater organizers in a closet and also a shoe organizer for my smaller balls of yarn. I stored some of my straight needles in a plastic “shoe box”; others are poked through a scarf and hung up in the closet on a hanger. I used an empty paper towel roll to loop some of my fixed circs (old ones) through and hang up on the same hanger.

As for the needles I use all the time, I got the Jordana Paige Knitting Butler for Christmas, and they’re all tucked away in it, along with scissors, row markers, note pads, and life lines.

Warning about organizing your yarn in an easy to find place: Your roommate, husband, children, visitors, and all the neighbors can then see how much yarn you REALLY have! Is that a good idea?

I have an old laptop bag that (so far) will hold all my gear. They were tossing a bunch of them at work that (I guess) weren’t being used for anything anymore, so I salvaged them from the scrap heap and one of them has been pressed into service for knitting implements. I imagine one of its larger brethren will have to take its place eventually, but the collection of zippered pockets and flaps and folders and dividers and such make it uniquely suited to the purpose.

The Stitcher’s Closet does seem a little high doesn’t it? It looks larger in the picture than any sweater organizer that I’ve run across so far, but I haven’t really been looking for any.
I just got the other organizer today though and it’s much bigger than I thought it would be.
However, when I unpacked it my two cats gathered around me like I was holding up the Holy Grail. I know they’ll try to jump in it and tear the closet apart in the process. I need to look into how to child-proof the door. Although I think I’m going to like it overall, the openings for the mesh compartments are at the bottom of the compartment and I think the yarn is going to slip to the floor especially as I keep them in plastic bags. Still, it will help.
I think plastic under-bed storage is going to be my long term fix. I don’t like yarn stored in open containers, even if it is in ziploc bags.

You are so right about not letting non-knitter people see the stash!! :teehee:

My girlfriend uses the zipper bags that blankets and sheets come packaged in for stash overflow (she actually has [I]furniture[/I] built for most of it, this is just for the overflow). The Giant Size Ziplocs work too, but it’s harder to camouflage those with a throw. :mrgreen:

My stash (so far) will fit in a carrier bag from Wings (all you need to reach the beach!) and that’s how I define my “stash cap”. But the official ruling is that WIP doesn’t count against stash cap, so all I have to do to avoid hitting the ceiling is start something and then work on it at least once a year and none of the yarn that’s used in it counts against my stash cap. But a Wings bag will hold a LOT of yarn… if you squish it right. :mrgreen:

if you squish it right

I’ve wondered how those bags that you suck the air out of to flatten them would work for yarn storage.

I dunno. I’ve used them for blankets and they wound up looking like those sponges you get that fluff up when they get wet. Didn’t seem to hurt the blankets any, but I don’t know what they’d do to yarn. The bags are a pain to work with in any case, and who keeps stash around long enough for them to make a difference anyway?

Uhh… forget that last question. I don’t know WHAT I was thinking. :doh:

Most of mine didn’t work long. They always sprang a leak. For the cost it just isn’t worth it to me. If I need a big bag and don’t have a large zipper bag I get the larger ziplocs. I fill it and either I lay on it and zip or better yet my husband since he outweighs me and can get more air out. It works great!

I’ve used those before, but not for yarn. The air doesn’t really stay “sucked out” indefinitely, but I bet it would really squish the yarn down flat, depending on how much you stuffed in. It kind of flattens them into the same shape they were put into the bag.

Glad to hear you received and like one type of yarn storage. I hope you can get the cats locked out so it works properly.

As for the vacuum storage bags (space bags?), I would think they would be really REALLY unhandy. I go through my stash about three or four times a month. If I had to drag out the vacuum cleaner and “re-suck” those puppies flat every time, I just might scream. Nyah, I probably just wouldn’t do it!

Under the bed storage (maybe in conjunction with Ziplock bags), sounds like a better idea to me. Hope you’ve got a big bed! :slight_smile:

I took a small walk in closet and turned it into my “craft” room. I got some inexpensive cube shaped bookcases/storage and got the fabric drawers to go with them. I have 18 of them so far and have them organized by type of yarn as well as individual projects. For example I’m currently working on an afghan for my daughter and the yarn was stored in 2 of the “drawers”. If I just couldn’t resist a yarn and bought it without a pattern in mind then it goes in a general drawer. I have a separate one for DK yarn, cotton, etc. Of course I fill them up again once I finish a project:woot: