Staying in pattern while working with lace pattern

Hello Again,

Someone gave me some good advice last week, and now I need more help.

I’m doing a lacy bolero knitted from sleeve edge to sleeve edge and now that I’m doing the other sleeve and nearly finished (isn’t that where the problems always come into play?) I bound off ten stitches, then I knitted another 10 sts in stockinette(at each end) and I have to keep the middle 74 stitches in pattern, but every time I get to those 74 sts I can’t seem to see the pattern. I have a “map” and I keep very good track of what row I’m on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking all of you in advance.

The pattern should begin on the 11th st of the pattern.

Thank you sooo much! You’re the same great knitter who helped me last week. How are things in the great State of Wyoming? I grew up in Colorado, but spent summers in Casper with my Aunt and Uncle.

Casper’s pretty normal for this time of year, though I hope we don’t get a May snowstorm. It may have changed a lot, though I call it a small town with a lot of people in it.