Static yarn!

every year once the weather become dry my knitting item become very static and it zap me many many times… my family here called me “sparky” everytime got out of my car and hug them they got zap from whatever i am wearing .i seem to reluctantly hugging them cos’ it so painful to got zap by the electric that i am producing and opening those metal doors at the mall or shops is just a pain for me … i alway bring a hankie with me so i can use those as my shield it is ridiculous !!! …cardigan most of the time (knitted in wool. apalca, anything hairy would do it !! i use those static spray but i worrie it will damage my yarn…

does anyone got this issue :??

I wonder if just keeping a dryer sheet handy would help? Could you just gently rub it over your hands?

i used to try a wet hankie… yes during winter time… i think i am insane just doing that… ha ha although my hubby din say anything… he got zapped from me too many times and that does not stop him from hugging me … :shrug: