StashBuster ideas


grrr…lion washcloth


LOL! That’s adorable!


i thought these would be appropriate for breast cancer awareness month…

Lion Brand Chemo Cap

[COLOR=#e88787]Cabled Cap[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#e88787]Inside Out Cap[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#e88787]Ribbed Cap[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#e88787]Cold Weather Cap[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#e88787]No Hair day Cap[/COLOR]


Brainmonster (silly hat)

Merino cable scarf

Bamboozled headband


Wow thanks everyone for all the awesome patterns!


[U][COLOR=purple]Cable Knit Wristlets[/COLOR][/U]
[U][COLOR=purple]Anna of Green Cables Hat[/COLOR][/U]
[U][COLOR=purple]Credit Card Holder[/COLOR][/U]
[U][COLOR=#810081]Doh!nut Neck Tube[/COLOR][/U]
[U][COLOR=#810081]Gift of Time Dishcloth[/COLOR][/U]
[U][COLOR=#810081]Pencil Scarf[/COLOR][/U] (soo cute!)

enjoy :muah:


ok, you’ve got a mission today: find a pattern that requires just one ball of Patons SWS.

now get looking! :out:


This pattern can use up wool bits.

for sws -hat


great patterns Samsam–i luv them. :thumbsup:
I’ve got a really cute cell phone cover pattern here thanks to Becky Morgan!

alright, the next mission is similar. find a pattern that uses one ball of Noro Silk Garden.


Here’s one someone posted on another thread.

Unoriginal Hat

nice and warm looking!


This Stash Shawl uses way more than just one ball of yarn, but its a great way to use up your oddballs. I love the concept of it, but i think i would make it in more of a triagular shape. i’d probably just cast on about 3 stitches and increase until i like the size of it.


I’m quite fond of this lunchbag from knitty.
(It takes 2 skeins but I know my stash can handle it.)


35mm Hat
Baby Leg warmer (for 2 year olds)
Furry Red Monster dishcloth(sure looks like Elmo to me!)
Ballband Dishcloth I :heart: this pattern It an excellent stashbuster because it gives life to those [I]itsy bitsy[/I] balls of cotton that I thought I would never have a use for.


Belle Beret
you have to register on the site but it’s free to do so.


nice. thanks for sharing!


Everyone’s Doing it Shrug
(less that one skein!)


I just may have to make that one!


I MUST make this! My DBF always takes his lunch to work in a brown paper bag. Even if he doesn’t use it, I’m sure it’ll still get a big laugh.

Thanks so much for linking this pattern!


wow! what a nice collection! keep 'em coming!


I’ve already followed this thread for some time and I really liked a lot of the patterns (though stashbusting is not really yet needed, because I just started knitting 3 months ago;)

Now I also found a nice and easy pattern that I would like to share with you: