StashBuster ideas


I have caught up! YAY! I am very new to knitting and have seen all of the Knit Alongs and the Treat Exchanges and goals that everyone has…should we do one here? Or if there is one…where is it:-)


Excuse my ignorance…but what is a “treat exchange”?


From what I have seen it’s like a “secret santa” of sorts…you have a “partner” and you knit them something and send it and they knit you something and send it. There is usually a theme like felted bags, or socks or scarves and hats…it is pretty neat but I have always been too late to join:-)


LauraD - there is a new swap starting in the KAL forum . The thread for it is here. The deadline to sign up is TOMORROW (8/18). (If you click on the “here” it will bring you to that thread with the explanation of the swap and what you need to do to join.)

Have fun if you decide to join in! At last count there were 54 people involved :happydance:


I joined THANKS! Can’t wait!


Lace fingerless mitts

Palindrome Hat

Fall leaves cloth

Slipper Socks

Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag


This is a great expandable pattern for a circle made with short rows…

[B]Pinwheel Cloth[/B]


[B]Cat Bordhi’s Tote Pattern[/B]

Suggested yarn is one skein of Cascade 220


This [SIZE=4]Shell Dance Capelet[/SIZE] is a great way to use up a variety of yarns from partial skeins.


another good one could be the winecozy -
lots of stash intopersonalised christmas gifts!


Thanks! I was just thinking about something like that!


Whoa… look at this site I found! Lots of shawl patterns that you can make with a specified number yards. Might be a good one for stashbusting!


This is a very pretty hat and the pattern adds some interest to the standard hat knit in the round

[SIZE=4][B]Noro Spiral Hat[/B][/SIZE]


[SIZE=3][B]Headband Pattern [/B][/SIZE](.pdf)

For those partial skeins!


Cute! I like Calorimetry too. I especially like the button in the back rather than a tie.


Stuffed kitty (Great for new baby presents!):


Bracelet made with leftovers (knitting)

Bracelet made with leftovers(crochet)


Here’s a stash-busting free pattern designed to elevate your left overs to a whole new status. It effect may look complicated but it’s not!



Emmy Organic Dishcloth
Four Cable Hat
Frankenstein’s Monster Cloth
Soda Can Cozy
Cupcake Dishcloth
Beanie Hat


Checkered Pot Holder
Country Silk Fingerless Gloves
Ribbons of Sunshine Cloth
Silly Striped Adult Benie (for those bits of randomn colors)
Preemie Cap