StashBuster ideas


oh, thats a great pattern, thanx!


Canturbury Memories Scarf

One Piece Swimsuit Dishcloth

Ribbed Lace Bolero (takes just 2 balls of cottonease!)

Transformers Cloth


OOOOHHH, thanks for the transformer’s washcloth, I’m going to have to do it for my brother sometime soon!


I’m glad you like it.

L:heart:ve discloth

M & M Cloth

Music Notes dishcloth

Bamboozled dishcloth (scrooooll)


transformers cloth whooo so cool i love it im gonna make one for my brother … any one got the bad guy robots cloth? if anyone sees it please post it . madametj u rock!!!


thanx hob, i really appreciate it.


Summer Dream Socks

Laser Lightshow Socks

Dorm Socks

Dancing Doll Socks

Rainy Day Socks

Cheerleady Socks

Long Socks

Does anyone know of a pattern for women’s knee highs?




I love those oddball potholders! I already know what I want to make. I’ll use U.C Bearcats material from JoAnn’s that I saw a few days ago! I have been wonder how I would use it.




Did I miss the odd ball pot holders? Where were those?:??

#231 -slipers -socks - socks - super easy sliper socks. _b.html - beanie -beanie - scarf tolet tissue cover… if u like ? xmas tree santa -corner book marker


Wow! I can’t wait to get done with my project right now so I can start some of these! :x:


ops i posted the same one three times… thsi is what i ment to put socks - socks
ill try to be less silly next time


Cabled Anklet Socks (perfect for this month’s cable KAL!)

Harris Tweed Socks

Lacertilia Socks


Thanks! You have the best links!


thank you, i appreciate that.


babies tied shrug

Kitty dishcloth (looks like hello kitty)

Penguin dishcloth

Preemie Donna Hat


Looooove that baby tied shrug!


Awesome Socks

Toe Socks (uses up leftover sock yarn which is even more awesome!)


Thanks for the Toe Socks link! I always thought those were cute. :teehee: