StashBuster ideas


yay! Jan made the 200th post in this thread! :happydancing::woot:

Loopy Little Purse

Mesh Bag

I’m keeping a WIP in hand to resist the urge to cast on new projects.:teehee:


i just wanna say i love this thread.


Chapeau Marnier

Celebration Socks

Cotton Washcloths

Zig-Zag Scarf


madametj says that today is Dishcloth Day:teehee:

Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth

Lily Knitted Dishcloth

Alex’s Cloth

Little Houses

Baby Fern Stitch


I remembered this thread someone mentioning skull not being their style, not mine either, but I found this one today that’s so totally cute…I love dog sweaters! Here’s a copy of what I posted on my dog sweater thread:

For all you dog sweater lovers, I just HAD to share this one I found while browsing through Bernat’s site. It’s the I-Matey Dog Coat




Vog’ On ankle socks

Cupcke with cherry on top dishcloth

Recycled-Bag Bag

Shoulder Bag


18 Hours Cloth

Cornucopia Socks

Little Red Sockhouse Dishcloth

Recycle super-cool mobius headband/earwarmer.


Clapotis Cap


Newsboy Cap


Warm Winter Ribeed Hat

One-Ball Children’s Socks


ok, i know everything i just posted is far too warm for the summer, so do us all a favor and find a nice [B]summer[/B] stashbuster. (:psst:[I]I think that was a challenge–are you gonna take that from her?)[/I]


Birdie Bag

Flask Dishcloth


True spirit hat and bag


Mary Janes


Mary Janes

Thanks for the pattern! I just might do that one!


Any have pattern ideas for a ball or two of sugar n cream?


Maybe try a set of washcloths and dishcloths? There are tons of patterns for those…You could make 4 dishcloths that would probably use up the sugar n cream:shrug:


yes! Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth is [B]my[/B] favorite pattern for cotton!!


Lacey Hat Pattern

This example is made with 1 skein of Mmmmalabrigo:heart: