Stash swap is cool! Praising my local knitting group

Last Monday I went to meet with our local knitting group and they had a stash swap. I had two skeins of sock yarn that I got bored with and wanted to exchange it for something similar, just in a different colourway.

Well, there was so much [I]gooood[/I] yarn there, I felt like a kid in a candy store :slight_smile: (Plus my ‘fun’ stash is – I am not lying – ONE huge ball of cotton. And I still need so much for Christmas knitting).

It was all very well organized, people drew numbers and took turns to fish for something inspiring. Then they would tell others what inspired them and why. Lucky me, I got everything I needed for making gifts and maybe something for myself :slight_smile:

Now, it might sound like bragging, but I found:

-2 skeins of gorgeous emerald green Cascade 220 wool (for my friend who ‘likes green colour’),

-amazing package of local wool, one burgundy skein and a chunk of beige carded fleece for make thrummed mittens (how cool is that?)

  • about 2 skeins of sock yarn in lovely pastel colours

  • and 2 skeins of acrylic/wool mix also in my colours (grey/beige/warm brown)

So, I am happy and gone knittin’!

Just wanted to share with people who understand! :slight_smile:

ETA: everyone seemed so nice there and the unwanted yarn and some needles were donated to the high school knitting club.

This sounds VERY exciting! I want to organize something just like this for the knitting class I’ve been teaching at my church. It would be a great way to get inspiration!!


Wow, that sounds neat! Never heard of a stash swap.

And really…your stash was ONE ball of cotton???:zombie:

Yep, one ball :slight_smile: I knew it would cause an uproar :slight_smile:

Well, there are about 10 balls of wool in complimenting colours for my ‘sweater pattern project’ but it’s kind of ‘investment stash’.

There are three balls attached to other projects that need to be finished soon.

I know it’s kind of weird but after reading about delicious yarn filling up living spaces, I stangely developed a different OCD. I want to get rid of all the yarn I don’t [I]love[/I]… so I knit-knit-knit to free myself from all this ‘ballast’. Does it make sense? I do hope to get as much quality and inspiring yarn I can afford, of course. But now it’s a transition period :slight_smile:

I’m actually knitting hats for charity with my stash. That is when I’m not replenishing it. :shifty:

Aw, that’s nice. But with the Christmas crazyness, I decided that carefully selecting projects for my yarn is a better investment of time (with no investment of money) than shopping :slight_smile: So that is where my stash goes. And for the record, I am mostly just bored with what I have, not that yarn is of poor quality or anything like that.

Well, what do you know? Our Michael’s had a huge sale today and of course I went and bought some yarn that otherwise would be a bit pricey :slight_smile: So I am working on it :slight_smile: