Stash organization!

Help! I need ideas!

This weekend my big project is to get my stash organized and inventoried! Im going to use Ravelry to inventory my yarn, but am still not sure how i want to store it - i’m thinking about getting some of the under the bed plastic containers - and putting it in those adn then stacking them in my craft room - i think that i will like the flat ones better the then tubs because ill be able to see everything i have and not have to dig…

anyone have any thoughts or suggestions??


That’s a great idea if you have the room for all those containers. I have my stash in the closet in a few of those hanging sweater holders. I thought of this idea over a year ago, and then I saw the same kinds of containers used as yarn holders (but, of course, they were now called some new fancy name involving yarn and they were much more expensive).

Although my yarn is now organized, it does have its down side: my husband can see exactly how much yarn I have and can now say (and does), “You don’t need anymore yarn.”

Good luck in your organizing venture!

I have pretty much an entire room to dedicate to my yarn and sewing machine…oh the possibilities! lol!

The two most logical (to me, anyway) systems I’ve seen recommended for organizing yarn are

  1. by size, from laceweight up through chunky, and
  2. by fiber, with whatever is 50% or more being the controlling factor.

Using system 1), all of your sock-weight yarn, for example, is together, so if you decide to make socks, you don’t have to go through all your yarn to find sock weight.

Using system 2), all of your wool / alpaca / cotton / whatever yarn is together, so if you decide to make a warm / cool sweater or top, you can look in the best location. Unfortunately, using this system, if you decide to make socks, the sock-weight yarn may be in different locations…each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve done mine by weight. I had so much worsted and bulky, though, that they had to be divided according to fiber content. Now I can lay my hands on what I’m looking for pretty quickly.


Here’s a few older threads where stash organization was discussed. Maybe they can help?

thanks for the ideas! i mostly have acrylic so i think weight is going to be the best way to go for me! i will definately check out those other threads!!!

I hate when people say that! And it’s always the non-knitters, my boyfriend (we own a home together), my sister, my BFF. They just don’t understand!

I’m lucky. My husband has his own hobbies that require lots of stuff… ceramics and painting mainly. He never complains when I want yarn, needles or whatever and always tells to get the good stuff. :thumbsup:

My stash is almost all acrylic so I’ve divided mine according to colors. It makes it easier for me when I need to find colors to go together for a prayer shawl/blanket.

Now I don’t have to waste time sorting through every single skein to find the color(s) I want!!