Stash Kitty

This is so funny. I just got accepted on ravelry, and I’ve spent a lot of the day, cataloging my stash. Of course, the cats have to “help” me.:teehee: Anyway, my littlest, Mad Max, fell asleep in my yarn, and I just HAD to share these pictures I took of him.

:teehee: That is so cute!

:teehee: How cute!

that is just tooo cute!! what a pretty cat!!


I WISH my cats would sleep in my yarn instead of knitting their paws on it, trying to catch it/eat it/destroy it/steal it. Anything BUT falling asleep… :teehee:

My cats do all the above.:roflhard:

Awwww how sweet! I love nice kitty pics!

Aww – all that cataloging wore the poor thing out! You really shouldn’t work him that hard any more!

:teehee: Yes, I’m such a tyrant.

My friend had a teacup poodle that hid in her yarn basket when she had done something bad. You couldn’t tell the difference between the dog and the sweater Carol was making.

I love gray stripey cats, like yours, what is her name?

He looks just like my cat! What a flake, cats are so funny sometimes. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures, he’s a sweetie.

His name is Max. I also have two other tabbys, one named Tigra, and one named Tabitha. They were both neighborhood strays that decided they like it here.

Those pictures are just adorable! Thanks for sharing!

That’s so cute with him snuggled up in the bag with the yarn.

How adorable! I miss my kitty.