Stash jackpot, kind of

So I was going to the doctor with my bf, just for his annual physical, and there was a huge Goodwill next door, so we dropped in to pass a little time. I got all of this for $8.

Then I was looking on my local craigslist, and found the stash below of not only a huge assortment of needles, hooks, and accessories, but two large bins stuffed with yarn. A lot of it is old acrylic, but there are quite a few full skeins of wool, and a few other mixed materials. There’s even completed, and half completed projects included. All for $20. There’s also other craft items and materials at the bottom, but I’m not sure what it’s for yet.

Nice haul!!

I wonder if some of the needles are Bakelite?!?!

Nice! :thumbsup:

Well done! I had a couple of hauls like that (but of needles) earlier this year. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Be sure to put the wool yarn, at least, into the freezer for 3 days before integrating it into the rest of your stash. You want to KILL KILL KILL any insects or eggs that may be lurking (e.g., the dreaded moth…).



What’s Bakelite? I think most of them are common ones like Boye, just really old ones. lol

Oh that’s gross and I didn’t even consider that. Probably a little now since it’s been a couple weeks. Good to know next time though.