Stash Enhanced

Because I couldn’t stand to wait for my KP order (I mean I only have 2 things on needles right now) I decided today was the day to trade in my yarn and needles that my family got me for things I needed (I did keep some of the yarn) and use my gift card at Jo-Ann’s. I bought several large skeins of Paton’s 100% wool (good for felting projects it says) in a pumpkin, black and camel to make a market tote with and then bought some Moda dea 100% wool in PINK to make a pick booga bag with. I’ve already gotten the bottom of the bag done and started up the sides a few rows. The wool called for a size 8 needle and I’m doing them on 10.5’s I think that I could really go up to an 11 or even a 13 because it is still knitting up fairly tightly (good for the bottom though). I think when I get up a little bit I may change up a size or two. It’s a gorgeous varigated pink and I can’t wait to felt it! I’ll definitely take pics (and I have a cord for my camera now which means I can upload pictures again weee)

I traded in 3 pair of needles for one pair, but the size I really need new ones of (2’s) they don’t carry at Jo-Ann’s, so I’ll have to go to the LYS since I forgot to order them with my KP order. (I’ll have to get dh to give me $10 in cash and hold my checkbook and credit cards hostage!) But I have all this yummy feltable yarn now!

Sounds like you made out! My Joanns has very little in the yarn department.

Neither does mine, unless you like metric buttloads of viscose. I’m a natural fiber sort of gal, mainly.

knitn just reminded me though - I have a $40 gift card to Michaels, somewhere in this pile of poo that I laughingly refer to as my office. It was a wedding shower gift. Do those things expire after a certain time?

I love to hear what everyone’s doing with their yarn. This booga bag, I might have to try. Trouble is, I’ve only ever felted one item on purpose, and it didn’t come out like I planned. So purposely knitting in larger dimensions in order to shrink to desired dimension is still a new operating concept to me.
Ah, but I can whine about that in another thread.

Kudos on your yarn swag, knitn!!

It was hard doing. Jo-Ann’s choices for all wool were their brand (in white, baby blue, baby pink, pale yellow and purple - nothing exciting) and the Paton’s. I asked the lady who was restocking about getting more natural fibers in and her comment was, “It doesn’t get cold enough here for us to carry wool.” OoooooKaaaaayyyy. Let’s not take into account that wool breathes and can be a great transitional fabric and comes in all kinds of weights and is used for more than bulky sweaters! I happened upon the Moda Dea. I saw this bright PINK yarn that I had missed (how I could miss it after spending over an hour combing the shelves is beyond me) and picked it up. It was soft. I looked at the label expecting to see “acrylic and nylon” and was surprised to see 100% wool. The color selection was also grim. Even in Wool-Ease they carry brown, dark green, beige, blah blah blah. I want FUN, BRIGHT, HAPPY colors. Good thing I know how to place a KP order now! :happydance: