Stash Discovery - Blue Tweed Wool

I was looking through my yarn stash tonight, and came across some yarn that I bought on eBay a couple years ago. I had forgotten all about it!

Lots and lots of blue tweedy wool - enough for a sweater!

SCORE :smiley: LOL, I did the same thing earlier this week :roflhard: I found some nice sock yarn that I forgot that I had :shock: Imagine that…but, it’s such a nice surprise, don’t you think :wink:

That’s beautiful! What is it?

Wow, that is beautiful!

Oh Ingrid…I’m like you. What is it? There is no label. I vaguely remember the auction saying that it was wool…but that’s all I remember. I should have printed out the auction when I won it. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have to do a burn test to find out for sure if it’s wool.

Pretty! :thumbsup:

I can’t imagine that they’d wrap acrylic in hanks like that! I’d bet big bucks that it’s wool, I was just wondering if you knew what brand, etc., just in case I ‘happened’ to run into it somewhere! :wink:

Well, after studying the fiber, I have determined that this is NOT wool after all. Oh well.

I cut off a small portion and took it apart into the 3 separate plies. Then, I took one ply in my fingers and untwisted it. It was easy to see that it was not wool, because it had no staple length at all. It has very fine fibers that are tightly spun - not a single hair in there - and it shines like nylon. There is a ply that is darker in color, but it appears to be the same content - just dyed a dark blue.

Then, I decided to try the burn test.

The yarn strand burned VERY quickly, and completely melted away. So, it’s definitely a manmade fiber. Probably acrylic, nylon, or polyester.

But, I do have a LOT of it, and it looks good. I think it will still make a nice sweater. I’m thinking that it was probably a sweater in a former life. An enterprising person probably unraveled the sweater and put the yarn in hanks.

So much for the mystery!

It’s still beautiful, and will make a great sweater. Have fun with your find!

Thats Beatiful, Make a wonder sweater and dont forget to to post some piccys :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I hadn’t considered that it was recycled. It’s still beautiful, though.

A burn test hmmmm? That’s very interesting…

Oh that’s beautiful! I love tweedy colors and heathers.