Stash busting sales! Lot 3 IS SOLD SOLD SOLD....THANKS!

OH, I love, love these babies, the color is just too yummilicious for words! I had visions of lovely textured pillows on our couch until Moshi (our very white cat) decided that he loved the pillows that were already on our couch, so…no pretty handknit brown pillows for my couch, I’m sad to say.

Lot #3

8 skeins of WOTA (wool of the andes) in the GORGEOUS colorway of “Maple Syrup,” as with all of these yarns, each colorway is from the same Lot#.
880 YARDS! OH, I see so many things…a stunning winter shawl or scarf ensemble; THIS bag! And those pillows I was talking about…oh, so very many things!
Oh yeah, the price, you might be interested, huh?! Sit down because for these 8 skeins/880 yards of 100% wool I am asking $9.00 plus shipping to be paid via KnitPicks gift cert. or thru PayPal.
OH, almost forgot…this yarn has been sealed in the bag that it came to me from KnitPicks until today when I opened it to take a photo hoping to get a better picture of the color; so these 8 skeins have been sealed up tight just wishing I would get busy and turn them into something beautiful like I know one of you are gonna do now :cheering: and I’m so excited about it and that these beauties are going to find a new home, too! :muah: :muah:

Please don’t hesitate to pm or email me with any questions.

I already PM’d you on lot 1 & 2. I want this lot, too!

hopefully my pm got in before yours :teehee:

:cheering: :cheering: Let the most yarn addicted knitter win! :cheering: :cheering:


:cheering: :cheering: This lot was also won by Dee (five_six)…CONGRATS :cheering: :cheering: