Stash busting doozy! Lot #5 SOLD SOLD SOLD...THANKS!

I would say that I saved the best for last, but that would not be true, because we are lovers of ALL YARN! :muah: :hug: :muah:

I originally bought this yarn with many projects in mind…an afghan for my husband with motifs of the Beatles was one (haven’t quite figured that one out yet…but I still have hope :wink:); of course socks was another reason…then the lace scarves and shawls became popular and I had all of this yarn that could be used for it. But, alas, I spent a year of knitting for others and other things, so these things didn’t come to fruition, but, there are so many things that YOU could do with 27 balls of KP’s Palette!!! Don’t you agree?!? :blooby:
Allow me to give you a rundown of the yarn:

2 balls-hyacinth
2 balls-purple
2 balls-blue
2 balls-peach
2 balls-apricot (one ball has a missing label, but has not been used)
2 balls-lemon
2 balls-blush
2 balls-petal
2 balls-mint
2 balls-green
2 balls-wood
2 balls-mist
3 balls-black
LOL, you should have seen my stash of Palette before I used a lot and gave some away, LOL!

Here you have 6237 yards of fingering wt yarn…OH, THE POSSIBILITIES!!!
Socks, of course, that’s a given…experimenting with fair isle socks…lots of fun!
Lace is SO POPULAR these days!
You would have enough with 2 balls to knit the ever so popular Swallowtail Shawl (scroll down) that was in Interweave Knits fall '06!
AND then, you would probably have enough of the black to knit the GORGEOUS shetland triangle shawl from Wrap Style (scroll down and just google it; there are so many gorgeous ones out there!)!
And who knows what else?! Your imagination is your friend :wink:

Oh…the price, well, I’m gonna have to hurt ya on this one… :roflhard: :rofl: Just kidding, of course!
Okay, the whole lot…27 balls of 100% fingering wt wool…6237 yds for the grand total of $30.00 plus shipping to be paid with a KnitPicks gift certificate or via PayPal…again, cuz I :muah: luv ya’ll :wink:

Please don’t hesitate to pm or email me with any questions.

OH my, Lot 5 is lonely because Lots 1-4 were sold so quickly…these little ones need a home, please remember them. Each and every ball of yarn deserves a good home and your home is probably the one :wink:

Pm’ed ya!

pm’ed you

SOLD…to YarnMommy! :cheering: :cheering: