Stash Buster

So I have been totally enjoying Be Sweet’s Magic Ball yarn. For those of you unfamiliar with Magic Ball: it is a skein or hank of all different, color-coordinating fibers that are actually just tied together to make some yardage of yarn to knit with. The fibers are of all different kinds and weights and give a real funky, bohemian effect. (I knit a halloween shawl with mine.)

So why not do the same with your stash? Sit down and create your own color-coordinated magic balls? Or have a magic ball party and invite your yarnies to bring their bits and scraps of yarn and you all sit together and make really cool magic balls?

Just a thought… :aww:

Wow, that magic ball yarn looks scrumptious! Ooohhh, and it looks like there is a store in Pittsburgh that carries it! So much for my attempt to actually use some of my stash before adding more… I really love that Halloween Shawl, that is really gorgeous!!

Thanks - Are you a PA gal too?

Yes - I just noticed you are in Cranberry! I’m right outside Pittsburgh.

Which knitting shops do you frequent? I go to Yarns Unlimited in Sewickley and Knit One in Mars.

When I worked downtown I always went to Ewe Can Knit. Lately though I’ve been getting yarn from Ebay. I’d like to get to Yarns Unlimited but haven’t found the time.