Stash Buster Wrap

I’m using my stash to throw together a wrap, I’m knitting it long ways to give it a different look, but since it is all bunched up on the circlular needle (I’m knitting straight on the circular) I can’t tell if the length is going to be all right. For all I know it may end up being a scarf!

Cool colors & textures!

It’s turning out beautiful! I love combining different fibers for a totally unique project!

What lovely colors! I love it!:heart:

Very pretty!! Great idea to use up some stash…:thumbsup:

Cool color combo and I think it is great to be able to use up stash!

Wow thats so pretty the colours go so well together x

Wow, very pretty! Great combination on the various yarns.

Good job!

I think Jane Thornley has some great patterns that you could use stash on.