Stash Buster Sweater Progress Pic 11/27/08

The sweater is coming along. I’m working on it as I find time here and there. I now have the sleeve stitches on holders and am working the rest of the body.

I love the colors! Looks like it will be really comfy too.

What kind of yarn are you using?

Are you using a pattern, or just knitting as you go?

Thanks. I’m just using some stuff from my stash, mostly Vanna’s Choice and Caron Simply Soft. No pattern, just knitting it up.

That looks really great…and you are using just your stash…t-riffic
the colours go so well together

Lookin’ good!

very nice…

This is going to be your best ever!!! :thumbsup: It really is awesome, no lie!

That is so cool! What a great stashbuster!

The sweater looks great. Are you carrying the yarn down?

I take that it’s been hard to get loads lately? We drove to Portland on Wednesday, and it was kind of scary how empty the roads and truck stops are. Hope you and everyone else gets the work you need soon.

Your sweater is coming along nicely, K_G. Rather retro seventies-ish (in the good way).

Looking great Mason :slight_smile:

It is looking great.

Mason, I love this sweater! It has a wonderful retro look to it, and the colors are beautiful! I’m so impressed with your eye for design.

lookin good!!

Mason that is NOT an Ugly Sweater. Great job.:thumbsup:

Yes, I am carrying two colors at a time.

Yep, with the failing economy freight has been very slow and rates are down a lot. Since about the middle of October I’ve only been making about a quarter of the money I would normally be making.

Mason, I think you are bordering on genius being able to use up a stash of yarn and come up with such a great-looking project. It will be terrific-looking when finished. What wonderful work and design. :thumbsup:

Looking good!! It’s amazing-doesn’t look at all like a stash-buster!! And I hope things pick up for you soon, business wise :pray: so you can add to your stash, of course! :slight_smile:

Loving the sweater!! Thanks for keeping us updated :slight_smile:

:happydance: Looking good!