Starting with seed stitch

Hi everyone,
My question is :
I am knitting a dog sweater and the pattern says easy but for some reason I am a little confused (although it doesn’t take much sometimes… ) The back of sweater part starts with seed stitch. So I believe it is k1 p1 until end and then start with opposit stitch on other needle? After I cast on my stitches, should I knit 1 full row then next row start seed stitch?
Please keep in mind I am a beginner :slight_smile:


it is no problem to do seed stitch form the first row. Just do it.

you CAN knit or purl one entire row. Some knitters like that for a fancier showing of the cast on edge.

But if the pattern says seed stitch form the beginning: just k1 p1 till the end, then do the next row making a knit where a purl appears and the other way around (as normal in seed stitch).

You may be a beginner but you got it just right: that is what the pattern wants at the same time there would be options. I vote for the starting without a base row.

You would just start the seed st on the first row after the Cast on.