Starting with row 2 (ws)

Hiya! I’m knitting a striped cushion using a stylecraft pattern (special xl tweed superchunky) and I’ve just finished the body in stockinette, ending with a ws row. I’m finishing with rib in a different colour but the pattern says to start with row 2 (ws) and rib three rows to end with a ws row. Am I supposed to transition my stitches onto my other needle and work on the ws immediately? Or do a rs row in St stitch and then do my ribbing?

Thanks for the help!

Hello! Ordinarily, an extra row wouldn’t be a problem but with super-chunky yarn, it might make a difference to the size and might affect your yarn estimates.
Did the pattern tell you to work a certain number of rows in stockingette or to work to a specified length? Did it tell you what side to finish the stockinette portion on? It would be unusual for a pattern to end on a wrong side row and then require the next to start on the wrong side too.
What’s the name of your pattern?
Is it in two pieces? The important things would be to have the front and back the same size and shape, and to not run out of yarn!
Options would be to do as you suggested, or unknit one row, or to start your ribbing (which is a reversible pattern anyway) from the right side. Whatever you choose to do, just repeat it both sides!

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the name of the pattern is stylecraft special xl tweed super chunky striped cushion. It’s one piece which I fold and sew up, with buttons to keep it together. The stockinette stitch was to be approx. 75 cm, with 8 rows in my main colour and two rows in my stripe colour, and I should end on the 7th row of my main colour with the 8th being an increase row on the ws. So while I should be starting my rib (p2 k1) on the rs it says to start with row 2 (ws) row, working 3 rows to end with a ws row.

Maybe this pattern for the cushion cover in the lower right.
It seems like this is the under flap on the pillow cover. You could wrap the cover around the pillow and just check that the buttonholes will align with the rib at the place where the buttons will go. If you can work a RS extra row then go ahead. If that would lengthen the cover too much then start your rib with a row 1 (rs) row and work for 3 rows before binding off. That should maintain the rib pattern and ensure that the buttons are stitched on the rib.


thank you for your help!

and thank you for your help, both much appreciated :smiley: