Starting Up

Hi All,

I decided today that I want to know how to knit… :cheering: I know the basic stitch but casting on and off and even perl is beyond me right now. I watched the videos on this site and loved them (THANK YOU SOMEONE:hug: ) but now I need help what wool do I buy, what size needles do I buy is that all I need to at least learn (probably start with a square or easy scarf)??? help and it is best to go to a class??

thank you from a hopeful new knitter Kathy

Get some medium weight yarn, not thick or thin, go feel and look at some, in a light color and smooth - no fuzzy or furry stuff. A size 9 or 10 needle would be good to start with, they make looser sts that are easier to get your needles into and to see. That’s all you need to start. You can practice the cast on and knitting stitch making a square or just keep going until it’s a scarf (which can be short and sewn up, doesn’t have to be really long).

thanks I now know what to get (I knew wool and needles but so many choices!) and I have been reading a lot of the older threads to get the gist of what I need, I appreciate your response :slight_smile: