Starting to doubt my knitting abilities LOL

I posted this under the Zig Zag pattern but then wasn’t sure if everyone would see so thought I’d post it here agian I hope thats ok…

First its the shawl can’t get it to come out right so I put it up and walk way while a friend plays with the pattern… Then I decide to start this scarf do good till well here is my post :lol:

Thank you I might have to this is what I got stuck on I’m not sure if I’m just not reading it right or like my teacher says I’m over thinking it LOL

At the end of the Second Foundation Triangle it says:
9 Inc, K9. (11) You will have reached the marker you placed on the cast on row
again. At this point you will have 11 sts on the right hand needle and 23 on the
left (34 sts in total) TURN
10 Sl1P, P to end.
Which I have done I now have all stitches on one needle…

Then it says:
Commence Zig Zag Pattern
1 Inc, K9, SSK, TURN (12)
2 Sl1, K to end
3 Inc, P10, P2tog, TURN (13)

This is where I have my trouble if I’m working with just those first 11 stitches then when I inc. that leaves 10 on the left needle, after I knit my 9 I won’t have enough to do the SSK cause ya need two stiches… and I thought SSK was decrease so I don’t understand how they keep getting more stitches lol cause it seems like the decrease would just cancel out the inc… so ummm… LOL thats where I’m at everything else went so easy for me… but of course it was just basic Inc and K and P too…

Here is the website:

I was really getting into this so I’m hoping I can figure this one part out so I can move on :pray: TIA :wink:

I read this post before and didn’t get it either.

I think that you take stitches from the ones that are on the needle.

So you don’t just work with those first 11 stitches. You incorporate the stitches that are on the other needle into them. When row 2 says knit to end, knit 12 stitches after the sl1.

Do you think that will work?

Thanks Ingrid, I’ll give it a try and let ya know :thumbsup:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Yeahhh THANK YOU Ingrid :notworthy: , I just ignored the Place Marker they had me put in and went on my way and it worked wooohooooooo

I’m on the roll again… just can’t wait to get on the rows again Yeehhaawww

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