Starting the Lucy bag

Who’s made the Lucy bag? I’m on my third one. It’s really a fun bag to make, and my daughter has expressed a desire for one. The thing is, I’m dreading doing any more because of how it’s started. I totally understand Emily Ocker’s Cast On. That’s actually quite fun! My problem comes when I’ve divided my stitches onto 4 DPN - [B]2 stitches to each needle[/B]. OMG. :hair: I can never keep track of the needles when I start knitting my first round. They flip all over the place, and I usually have to restart about 10 times before I FINALLY get it going. I’m wondering if anyone has an easy way to control your needles when you first start knitting in the round on DPN. I’m thinking it’s the small number of stitches that is causing me the problem - that if I was working on a project that had 10 stitches on each DPN I would be okay. Obviously, since I’m on my third bag, I [B]finally[/B] get it to work, but it’s a miracle! :wink:

I also just started the Lucy bag (it is my first). I am not sure if this will help you or not, but here’s what I did. I didn’t have a set of 5 dpn’s only 4 dpn’s. Instead of having 2 stitches on each needle, I divided them 3-2-3. It is still very few stitches, but it helped me to keep track of which needle was first because I always had fewer stitches on the middle needle. Does that make any sense? I hope it helps!

That is a [B]good[/B] idea! I mentioned in another post that I’m an “always-follow-the-pattern” girl. I’m always afraid to do anything that isn’t specifically written out in the pattern. What you said makes perfect sense and would make it so much easier! Thanks! :muah:

Help out a rather un-enlightened knitter…what’s the Lucy bag? I’d love to see the pattern, although I’m not a huge DPN fan.

You don’t use DPN for the entire project - just the beginning and then the straps. Here is the Lucy bag: