Starting the heel

I want to make sure I do this right, for my first pair of “real” socks. I’m getting ready to finish my last round of the leg in the morning and will then start on the heel (of course).

I’m doing the Rhombus socks. I can’t post the link I had, because they were from MagKnits.

Heel Flap Worked over 31 sts.
Redistribute sts as follows:
Needle 1-3: 15 sts
Needle 4: 16 sts
K 15 sts
Combine sts on needles 1 & 4 onto one needle.
Row 1 [WS]: sl 1, p to end, turn
Row 2 [RS]: sl 1, k to end, turn
Repeat these 2 rows 19 more times (21 rows total).
End with p row.

What I want to confirm is after redistributing the sts. I k15, then slip the sts from needle 4 onto the needle I just finished knitting onto. Then Row 1 I will p across the 15 sts I just k, and then continue on the 16 sts I just slipped over, which [I]haven’t[/I] been worked before. Is that right?

I just need the confirmation, because I really want to get these socks right the first time LOL. I didn’t realize it would be such an involved pattern until I had already started!

Yes, you’ll need to be knitting back and forth across 31 stitches to make the heel flap. (15 + 16 = 31)

The other stitches will just be waiting on the other needles, until you finish the heel flap.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I think what got me a bit confused last night was that it was getting late. It didn’t seem to click that I COULD purl back over those 16 sts from needle 4, even if I hadn’t worked them with the 15 sts I just knit. This morning it wouldn’t even have phazed me. I must have been more tired than I thought. Still, having the confirmation is all good!

Ok, here’s something else that isn’t clear in my head right now. The instructions read:

Combine sts on needles 1 & 4 onto one needle.
Row 1 [WS]: sl 1, p to end, turn
Row 2 [RS]: sl 1, k to end, turn
[B]Repeat these 2 rows 19 more times (21 rows total).[/B]
End with p row.

In bold is what I’m not sure about. It says to repeat the 2 rows 19 more times. That’s a total of 20 - the original 2 rows, then 19 more times, and they say 21 rows total, not 20. Yet when it says 21 rows total, it seems like I should have only 21 rows, not 20 rows x 2, for 40 rows (or 21 rows x 2 for 42 rows).

Good question! If I were you, I would do the rows until there are 21 rows, and hold it up to an existing pair of socks to compare the heel length. If it looks right, leave it and move on to the next section. If it’s only half as long as it should be, then double it. I hope I haven’t caused more confusion for you. :teehee:

my heel flaps are usually around 2" - 2.25" long.

:thumbsup: same here…I usually don’t follow the how many rows thing…just try to get to the 2"…I find the heel flap the most boring thing of a sock :rofl: