Starting Stockinette after Garter

I feel like I should know this already. I just finished the 6 row garter stitch border on the tank I’m making and now I have to start Stockinette stitch. So, is my next row a knit row or a purl row?

If I knit, then aren’t I just adding a row to the border?

It would seem that a purl row would make the most sense.

What do you all think?


I’d do a purl row, just like I do after long-tail cast-on. :slight_smile: However, you may want to check and see what the rest of the pattern says. If it has the odd row numbers being the RS, then I’d use knits for the first row after garter stitch. If it has the even row numbers being the RS, then I’d use purls. If it doesn’t make a difference, I’d use purls.

Personally I wouldn’t worry about it…what’s one extra row of a border? :shrug:

I don’t know the answer, but see above. :teehee:

I usually knit the next row, since you’ll purl after that and start creating the stockinette.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid][B][I][U]If[/U][/I][/B] there is a right/public side to the border, maybe based on which side of the CO looks best, knit on the right/public side and purl on the back/private side.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I do the same at Yarnlady. Just make sure you do the same number of rows of garter and st st for each garment piece so they match. If you use a CO that makes a unique edge, they should all be on either the RS or WS.


I’d decide based on which side of the caston I preferred.