Starting sleeves in a top down baby sweater

I’m knitting the Autumn Leaves pattern by Nikki Van De Car. R1 under the Sleeves section reads: “k1, p1,k1,p15. Slip next 36 sts onto a stitch holder, p43…” How do I purl the next 43 stitches when my lead yarn is on the other side of the stitch holder?:??

You’re going to skip over the held sts and connect the p15 stitches directly to the next p43 stitches. This will “bump out” the sleeve sts and connect the back to the fronts at what would be the side seams. Later you’ll get back to finish the held sleeve sts.
I love this pattern and have had it in my favorites, waiting for just the right baby.

Thanks Salmonmac,
I’m so glad you have done this sweater before. I was doing so well up to this point!

If I understand you correctly, I am going to bring the right and left needles together [in front of the stitch holder?] and continue purling the next 43 stitches.

Yes, that’ll work. It’s probably easiest to use a piece of scrap yarn as the stitch holder rather than a solid stitch holder. Knit the stitches after those on the holder as though they form a continuous piece with the ones already on the right needle.