Starting section of repeated chart when the number of stitches isn't a multiple of the chart stitches...


I am working on Drops design Arctic Tide ( and am starting the yoke increases across the charted pattern. I am making the large size so I have 2 + 14 + 2 + 28 + 2 + 14 + 2 + 28 stitches = 92 stitches.

I am supposed to be repeating the chart A1 across each of those sections (currently 14 or 28 stitches), and A1 is 4 stitches across.

In that very first sleeve section, since 14 isn’t a multiple of 4, would I k1, insert marker, k1, and then jump into the chart (k1, p2, k1) x 3, and end k2 to make 14? Or should I center the chart by doing k1, insert marker, k1, then k1, (k1, p2, k1) x 3, k1 to make 14?

Will it matter when I start the raglan increases?

I know that when I start the increases, the math will change and it should be obvious when I can add another repeat of the chart…but I’m just wondering how to kick it off without getting things lopsided.

If you look at the comments section of the pattern, others had this same question but I just don’t really understand the answers.

Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Since you’re going to be continuing the chart as you increase, your second suggestion seems best. Center the chart by starting and ending k1. As you work the rows of the chart, make the increases start the next repeat so that you gradually expand the repeats.
It may not be all that noticeable in the finished sweater but it has a pleasing symmetry to it that way.

The answers to the question are recommending increasing as a knit stitch and then on the next row working that increase into the pattern. This is a good way to go.

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Thank you so much for the help and thoughtful reply. That’s what I’ll do!

Would most sweater patterns tell you what to do for extra stitches like this? This is my first sweater so I’m not familiar with the patterns!

Sometimes a chart will indicate the center stitch on the chart and tell you to line it up with the center sleeve or front. There are also patterns that tell you where to begin the chart for the various sizes so they are doing the work of alignment for you. Lots of times though it’s up to you to work out where to start the chart.
Good for you for taking on a sweater and this pattern in particular. Enjoy working on it and if any other questions come up, we’re all happy to try to help.

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Great to know. Thanks again for the help! I’m a ways down now and loving the pattern!

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