Starting Questions

Hi everyone,
I’m just starting out with the idea of trying to crochet. I don’t know where to start or what. I do have a pattern I’d LOVE to finish before next week (I’m guessing that’s impossible) its a pattern for a crochet witch’s hat.

Where’s a good starting place?

Lion has a Learn to crochet section on its site that will get you going on the basic stitches. I think a site called crochetvilla has videos and you’ll probably find something on youtube as well.

I have some beginner crochet videos on my website that might help you get started. Click into this link: and then look at the list for crochet videos. Depending how fast you learn, you may be able to get that hat done by next week. Give it a try! Good luck!


Cute pattern. Here are some more beginner videos from Crochetville.

I like the Curtzy Crochet hook tutorials by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd.