Starting over

I joined here a few months ago but I then gave up knitting!
I managed to knit a few things that resembled what I wanted to make but I was pretty useless really so just gave it up as a bad job. However, I’d really like to take it up again, properly this time! Can anyone tell me that are the absolutle basic things I need to know? I think my needles are around 6mm. My main interest would be knitting jumpers for dogs as I’d like to sell them to raise money for dog rescues. Thanks in advance for any help! :knitting:

This is just one old woman’s opinion, but I have to say that --at least in my area, South Texas – hand knits don’t sell for anywhere near what they’re worth. People just are not willing to pay the price for hand knits when they can buy what they mistakenly consider just as good at Walmart for a lot less money.

I can tell you I made lots of “practice” items (scarves, wash & dish cloths) before I was happy enough with my stitches and knowledge to knit something to give away (or sell). Some people “get it” quicker than others. I was a slow learner. I think most everyone on here will tell you to simply practice, practice, practice.