Starting over


Hi everyone, I knitted a jumper in some lovely 100% wool, but actually haven’t worn it, and I don’t think I’m going to. Is it ok to undo a whole jumper and use the wool again even after it’s been blocked. It’s expensive wool and I don’t want to waste it!


Yes, frog away lol there 's no reason why you can’t. Some people say to wash the yarn before re use but I’ve frogged wool, acrylic and cotton straight into a ball and reused it without any problems at all.
Best of luck and enjoy your re knitting :grinning:


Brilliant thanks, I will get frogging :grinning:


Sure. I like to undo the place where you finished and wove in the last strand of yarn and begin the new project by knitting as I unravel the other project. A good soaking bath evens out the stitches when finished.


Wow that s a brilliant idea, thanks. :grinning: