Starting Out [First knitter]

No one in my family knits and I don’t have anyone to sit down and tell me what I need to get or teach me how to knit.
I want to know the basics that I’ll need starting out.
I brought a book (Domiknitrix) and it pretty much covers a lot of things and it includes projects and stuff. But I still feel a bit lost in translation about what is best for me to get.
Like needles are best?
Whats the best yarn for specific projects? (i.e. hats, scarfs, pillows)

Whats the best yarn for specific projects? (i.e. hats, scarfs, pillows)

What is ‘best’ is what’s most [B]appropriate[/B] for the project. If you plan to machine wash/dry something (like an afghan, or baby items) you wouldn’t use a yarn that must be handwashed in cold water, laid flat to dry. If a scarf is going to be sweated on a lot, you want a fiber that can handle the laundering. If you want a luxurious shawl with a halo, select a high-end yarn that shows off the texture and detail.

Also, determine your budget. Do you have a preference for natural fibers (which can be more costly)? There are lots of less expensive acrylics that are very soft and user friendly. When new to knitting, and doing lots of practice, probably best to avoid using spendy yarns or anything that makes learning difficult (novelty yarns).

There are lots of existing threads on ndls. (Just do a Search.) What you like may not be what someone else likes. If possible, try to visit a yarn shop and ask to try different kinds. Some grip the yarn, some slip, some have rounded pts, some have sharp pts, etc. All ndls are different and, often, certain materials work better with diff fibers. You might like metal for one yarn but bamboo for another.

Welcome to Knitting Help!!

You will get some responses telling you what that person thinks is best, but what it comes down to really is what is best for you. I know that’s vague, but it’s a process of learning.

To start out get a set of size US 8 or 9 needles and some soft worsted weight yarn and just practice knitting before you do anything else. Once your tension gets more even and you’re more comfortable then you can start a project like a scarf, dishcloth, hat or whatever.

I preferred bamboo needles when I was learning because the stitches don’t slip off them quite as easily. A few good yarns to check for now are Caron Simply Soft, Vanna’s Choice, Bernat Satin and Red Heart SOFT.

Welcome to the knitting community! I think you’ll find KH to be an awesome resource. I was exactly like you when I started. No one I knew knit and I was at a real loss. But the videos and SUPER patient members here have helped me tremendously. Use yarn that is the correct weight for your project, that you can afford, and that you really genuinely like. Nothing makes knitting more enjoyable than knitting with tools and yarn you really enjoy. No matter what - don’t be afraid to like what you like. There are alot of ‘knitting police’ out there who will turn their noses up at certain brands and needles… which is fine for them, but don’t let anyone make you feel bad for liking what you like. Knitting is such a wonderful hobby and a terrific experience. You’ll find most knitters are warm, welcoming, and ready to help. Good luck :slight_smile:

As other have said, BEST is subjective. what is best for you, might not be best for me.

[B]1–[/B]try and find a REAL life knitting friend.
Various BB’s have info on local groups, see if you can find one.

[B]2-[/B]-Join Ravelry- (and look for a real life friend/knitting group there too)

[B]3–[/B]Knit what ever YOU REALLY WANT.
Anne Modiset knit a multi color intarsia sweater as a first project… she REALLY LOVED the design, and that helped her work through the problesm…
ME? one of my early projects was Fair isle in the round… again, I LOVE color work. but maybe you love cables, or something else. Knit what you LOVE.

[B]4–[/B]ABSOLUTELY use this site, and other on line resourses (including the public library.–and YouTube-there a many video’s available, explaining many aspects of knitting.

[B]5–[/B]Just as there is NO BEST, there are almost NO WRONGS.
don’t let anyone tell you “that’s wrong”

you can deside for your self things are wrong, and ask for help, but there are many ways to knit, and none of them are wrong.

[B]6–[/B]get a good camera, and take photo’s of your knitting.
if you find a problem or a mistake, photograph, post the image and ask for help.

And don’t forget to photo’s of FO’s–I’ve forgotten things i’ve knit last month–(only i have photo reminders) the things i knit 20 years ago? i can hardly remember at all!

Finally, [B]Enjoy![/B] Knitting is easy enough to get the basics in 10 weeks or so, and interesting enough that after 45 + years, i am still learning!

Hey welcome to the knitting world! :waving: You’ve come to a GREAT site to start your knitting journey! The things I would suggest are:
-watch the videos on this site-sometimes just reading how to do it doesn’t quite do it. This site is how I’ve learned how to do all but one stitch.
-ask questions-even if you think it’s a stupid one. Everyone here is so friendly, and willing to help.
-find some needles that you’re comfortable with. I just found out a couple of days ago that circulars work well for me, b/c I have carpel-tunnel syndrome.
-I would recommend using a worsted weight yarn until you’re more comfortable with your knitting.
-last but not least…have fun!
If you need anything, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the best place to learn on the net!

Needles are subjective, use what you like. Yarn, well, that just depends on many things as mentioned previously. Just starting out you may want to just stick with less expensive yarns. I really like Caron Simply Soft and enjoy working with it. It’s good for a great many projects.

Experiment, watch the videos on this site, and just have fun.

Everyone has said it all already.

But the main thing is do what YOU want to do and knit how YOU want to. If they tell you you are “wrong” just let it go. If they criticize your needle choice tell then its what you like.

Some people are yarn/needle snobs and look down upon people who do not use what they consider acceptable. I would tell them to stuff it.

LOL. You go girl! :yay:

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. I just started knitting and I have found the most when I picked a pattern that I am not totally postive I can do it, but with all the help from the wonderful people on this site I now belive I can make anything as long as I am not afraid to mess up.:mrgreen:

I second this!!