Starting on my 1st Pair of socks

EEeeeeee i’m so excited about it, is there something wrong with me lol, i’m a bit nervous about the heel, did anyone have a problem with it using the silver socks tutorial?

:cheering: You are going to LOVE IT!!! Socks are so much fun. And this tutorial is awesome, every step is very clearly explained. Don’t worry, you won’t have problems with the heel, it sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. I would say the only difficult thing with socks is to resist the urge of buying more and more yarn. :teehee:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why do we have to resist the temptation to buy more and more yarn? I see that as a benefit of knitting socks, not a risk :slight_smile: I got my first sock yarn this weekend. I managed to stick to one skein. I am going to try to follow the instructions for one sock inside the other, tho I may need some help casting on …

… and then I may also need help keeping the stitches separate…and then turning the heel and decreasing at the toe. But other than that, I’m all over this sock thing! :happydance:

In the words of Ingrid: “trust the pattern” :-). When I did my first sock, I read ahead to the heel, and the heel turn, and got TOTALLY confused. However, when I followed the instructions line by line, it miraculously worked out! I just finished a sock the other day, and made my husband look at it (for the 100th time :teehee: ) to appreciate what a feat of knitting it was :slight_smile: (He still doesn’t get how my beautiful sock made from hand spun /died wool at a net cost of $15 plus countless hrs of knitting per pair is worth it…there’s a non-knitter for you!!

Has anyone framed their first sock. Thinking about it…

Just kidding (or am I???). :teehee:

I didn’t frame my first sock, I frogged it. :pout:

It was a tube sock with a spiral pattern that was just a bear to work on. I knew after I finished it, it would never have a mate. Poor, lonely sock. :crying:

So I used the wool to make a simpler pair and it lives happily ever after. :happydance:


I used this link

to make my first sock and it was AWESOME. I love it. :slight_smile:

I am now on to #2 and am part way down the leg!

You can do it!

Holly wrote:

However, when I followed the instructions line by line, it miraculously worked out!

Ditto Holly’s advice. That’s how I did my first socks. Just followed a simple pattern and they turned out perfect (well maybe not perfect, but I’m still wearing them).

Wait till you turn your first heel. I’m still fascinated by that process. Knit, knit, knit, and suddenly you have a heel cup and you’re on your way to the toes.

I love knitting socks.

Go for it Cinnybuns! I hear nothing but success stories from people who try my tutorial. If you ever need any help, you can ask the wise knitters here, or feel free to email me anytime. Good luck and have fun!

I did my first pair of socks two at a time on two circular needles using Silver’s tutorial. It’s great! Have fuuuuuuuun…

Might be a stupid question…BUt
I ordered size 11 DPNs form LIttle Knits and got them today…
Can you do socks on LARGE double point needles or is that a no-no :shrug: