Starting NEBB

Yup, I’m actually starting the Never Ending Baby Blanket. Remember how I was making an afghan…well I changed my mind on that since I can’t get rid of those gaps between the knits and purls. I’ll try some other time. I took all the afghan yarn and some other yarn back to Michaels for store credit.

I bought three skeins of Homespun in the Baroque color(violets, greys, rose). Ohhh it’s so pretty!!! This is what I’m using for my NEBB as my cousin is due to have a girl in a few months. I was hoping to find the pretty pink color Homespun has but they didn’t have it :frowning: That’s ok though, that baby is going to have so much pink it’ll be ridiculous. This will go nicely with it though.

I also bought two more skeins of Patons Divine in “Soft Earth”. I’m going to make thisscarf. Hat to come soon.

Wish me luck with the NEBB…at least it’s a super easy pattern :smiley:

I just made one of those for a friend’s baby… i used Waterfall and it is GORGEOUS! I did it on a long vacation with mucho time in the car. It was great because i didn’t have to count or think about it… :slight_smile:

I had never used Homespun before and i know that some people hate it but i found it to be ok - not great, not horrible - to knit with. However the finished product is so pretty and soft… I even made a hat to go with it…

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out… :slight_smile:

The color you chose looks so warm and lovely… i kinda like non-traditional baby stuff… it’l be great!


Thanks hh!

I like patterns I don’t have to think about too much too :smiley: I think she’ll really like this color. I’ve used Homespun before and have made a couple scarves. I don’t mind knitting with it…sometimes there’s knots but I just cut them out and join new yarn.

Kewl!! Be sure to post updates!!! And I sheepishly ask for pics too :oops:

Has anyone made this with Homespun? I’m 1/4 way through it and it seems like I will have a lot of yarn left over. I have 3 skeins.

TOO funny…I havent seen “NEBB” used in a LONG time! :roflhard: Look at ME…Im a TRENDSETTER!! :mrgreen:

Ill have to add that to Joel’s KHtionary. :thumbsup:


It really doesnt seem like a NEBB though. It’s going along pretty quickly! I found out yesterday one of my boyfriends coworkers is finally pregnant…so I’ll have to make another NEBB or a different blanket. Maybe by then I can figure out booties too.

I was still a VERY young knitter when I made that blanket. :oops:

Hi Jivewhistle…

I bought 3 skeins of HSpun for my NEBB too and thought i’d perhaps have tons left over because it seems like it knits up so quickly. However, i had a teensy problem with mine…

I did mine on 10.5 needles instead of the recommended 11 because that way i didn’t have to buy new needles. I kept increasing until i had approximately 140 stitches on the needle (instead of the recommended 126) because i wanted it to be a little bigger and i was using slightly smaller needles. Those extra rows took up quite a bit of yarn, but i still think i would have been ok with 3 skeins.

However, as i was finishing out my third skein, I hit a patch within the yarn that was defective. Not a knot, but a very large section in which it seemed like some of the ply was missing. It was really thin and faint in color. I had to remove it (about 1/4 of the skein!) and buy a 4th skein to finish. (that had me slightly irritated but i figure i’ll send back the defective stuff and let them know).

Anyway, i finished with LOADS left over in the 4th skein so i’ve made 2 hats and will probably make a baby sweater (see: LionBrand’s “Bend it like Baby” pattern on LionBrand’s website without the stripes. The hats are really cute and knit up easily except i don’t think Hspun is good for pompoms even thought pattern calls for one… When it unwinds it gets kinda… icky.)…

If i had a digital camera i’d take pictures but i don’t! :frowning: Sorry!

Dunno if that helps but that was my experience :slight_smile:


Thanks hh,

Oh I hate it when you find something unexpected like that in a skein. I actually thought about balling up these skeins into center pull balls just to make sure. I might do that with my last two skeins.

I LOVE this color Baroque. I’ll need to make myself a hat and scarf in this color too. I’m using size 11 needles. I’d like to find a baby hat where I can use this yarn too. Soooo pretty.

I made MIL an afghan out of Homespun and she LOVES it bc it’s soooo soft, so baby should be nice & cuddly, too!
Loving the scarf! I LOVE scarves!!! I have a list of several to do now, the last on my list being the ‘saxon braid scarf’ in “knitting on the edge” it’s beautiful…but…I think ALL scarves are beautiful accessories…like socks :wink: