Starting my first pncho pattern and i have a question please

I am knitting my first poncho called summer breeze, it is a big diamond shape with a vertical slit opening in the neck.

all rows are worked garter stitch
it says:
cast on 1 stitch, which i did a slip knot

then and here is my question;

rs: working in garter stitch, increase 1 in the stitch-2 sts

do i add another stitch or increase the stitch somehow using the single stitch i have on the needle? If so what increase method is this so i can view it on the website?
next step in case it helps says:
ws: continue in garter, increase 1 in each of the two stitches-4sts

thank-u very kindly

Since the instructions tell you to increase, I don’t think that you’re supposed to cast on another stitch like the one you already have.

Instead you should make another stitch out of the stitch on your needles. You can look under the Basic Techniques section of this website and it has many videos of different kinds of increases. I think KLL (knit left loop) and KRL (knit right loop) might be best since in the next row you need to increase two stitches right next to each other.

Then when you have two stitches on your needle, you increase one on each of those two stitches to make four. It’s sort of like your stitches are reproducing asexually!

Good luck!

Not when you’re starting with only 1 stitch. Use kfb/knit front and back for that first stitch and for the next row too, where you have to make 4 stitches out of 2.