Starting Local Knitting group

I am making a flier and could use some ideas for the tag line. Something cute & funny. Or just attention getting. I am looking for it to be very casual, mostly social. We will be meeting at the library.


Knitting in your own private idaho? Then come join us for knitting in community…

Okay, Just a few little ‘quips’…I’m afraid that so far I haven’t thought of one that will GRAB your attention. But this is what I have thus far:

  1. Get Addicted To Knittin’ (or knitting, whichever sounds better)
  2. Get Your Knit On
  3. Knittin’s Kool
  4. Knitters Rule
  5. Knittin’s Cool…Join Our School
  6. Don’t Be Sheepish About Knitting (or knittin’)]
  7. Knitting’s (or knittin’s) not just for ‘grannies’ anymore…then list the names of famous knitters, ie, Julia Roberts, etc
    Then, of course, u need, some kind of eye catching emoticons!! :XX: :XX: :XX:

[color=orange][/color] :happydance: :happydance:
Okay…I just found this in my “Stitch N Bitch” book…
Take Back the Knit
I Knit, Therefore I Am
Now…here’s that list of famous knitters (real & fictional):
Me…Rebecca M…I should be top of the list!!
Angela Bassett, Audrey Hepburn, Aunt Bea (Andy Griffith), Bette davis, betty rubble, betty white, bob mackie, brooke shields, cameron kiaz, carol duvall, carole lombard, caroline rhea, charlotte york (sex & the city), Courtney thorne-smith, daryl hannah
debra messing, dorothy parker, dr laura schlessinger, eartha kitt, eleanor roosevelt, goldie hawn, hawkeye pierce, joey tgribbiani, julianna margulies, julianne moore, bree on desperate housewives, lucille ball, whoopi goldberg, mariyn monroe…ok, there r more, but, yep…i’m tired of typing…lol…in other words…we are many…let the future students know this!!!

So… I finally found a place in my small town to hold the knitting group. (The library closes at 5 and 6). It is at one of the two new apartment buildings. It has a diningroom table with four chairs and two couches. I thought that would be plenty of room, made my flier and started posting them this weekend. Now I am hoping it will be big enough. My hubby called the new local paper(circ 8,000) and they are going to do an article about it & put it on the local calendar. :shock: I think I am goning to need many more chairs. I was hoping to do something extremely informal with little need of organization. I guess we will see what happens.

Do you think I should bring refreshments?

FUN! I think I am inspired to start one!

Oh and refreshments are always good!