Starting first Pair of Socks - Help Please

Well, I almost made an A on the hardest test I’ve ever taken! To reward myself, I broke out the Options (for the first time!!!).

So, I took my needles to my dd’s soccer game and had quite a difficult time figuring out how to hold four dpns. I felt very clumsy and stupid! :teehee:

Have y’all found an easy way to do this? I am not the most coordinated person in the world. Oh, and I’ve also been teaching myself how to knit Continental. I started out this summer as English. So, trying to coordinate everything is interesting.

I’m in the process of knitting my gauge swatch. I read in Sensational Knitted Socks that you will get a more accurate gauge by knitting in the round. But, I can’t figure out how to join the stitches. I know how to join stitches on circular needles, but I’ve never used dpns.

Also, I’m having trouble deciding with pattern I’m going to use. I’m planning on making one of the four-stitch ribbing patterns in the SNS book, but I don’t know which pattern will look okay with the Two Steps Dancing yarn I purchased from KP. I really don’t want to do the garter rib down the whole sock either. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!! :muah: