Starting Christmas Knitting--Need help

[B][SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Hi everybody,
I joined you last year I believe. I just found you again. I am beginning my Christmas knitting. Last year, I knit my Christmas gifts to the family and they were well received and so this year I decided to do it all again, only this time I would start in August instead of November.

I have decided to knit a sleeveless vest for my brother and a scarf for Mama. For my three neices I am going to be knitting a blanket. I have two of their favorite colors. Now what I am going to do is to use one of the colors as a starting point. For example the oldest girl, Emily, likes the colors red and black. I am picking rose or a rose verigated yarn such as Cherry Cola (Red Heart) and and I am going to use complementary colors (one or two of them). However, I am having trouble finding complementary colors. Would anybody know of a color chart or a list that lists the Red Heart complimentary colors or the multicolored yarn and their complementary colors? Please help!

If you go to the Red Heart site they list complimentary yarn colors for some of their yarns including cherry cola. You may be able to find your yarn listed there.

[B][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”]Thanks. I have already been there, but missed the match for Cherry Cola. I will look again.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Here you go!!!

[FONT=MyriadPro-Light][SIZE=2][FONT=MyriadPro-Light][SIZE=2]Cherry Cola 256: the coordinates listed for Cherry Cola are: Carrot, 321 Gold, 365 Coffee, 378 Claret, 624 Tea Leaf, 905 Magenta

How set are you on using Red Heart yarn? Caron has One Pound worsted weight yarn in gorgeous colors. The variegated yarns here come in 10 oz skeins. I tried out the Jetstream. According to the yarn label, those are supposed to go with any One Pound solid color.

[I]I wasn’t set on using Red Heart yarn. It is just what I had been
used to using. Those colors at the Caron yarn site are gorgeous!
Thanks for letting me know about them.