Starting an afghan

I am new to knitting and I want my first afghan. In the list of materials it reads: double knitting weight yarn. What would be a good yarn to use?:aww:

Caron’s Simply Soft, Red Heart Supersaver are two that I have used for afghans. Michaels puts them on sale from time to time.
They are big skeins so you don’t have to do as many joins when starting new skeins of yarn. They are also machine washable and dryable.

That’s DK weight yarn, which is between sport and worsted. A thinner worsted may do, like Caron Simply Soft, or even a worsted weight. What needles are used in the pattern?

size 15 circular knitting needle

Isn’t size 15 for DK weight a bit too large? Or maybe i’m missing something:??

Maybe the pattern calls for you to knitting with 2 strands of DK…I think I remember seeing a baby blanket book that called for double stranding DK weight yarn with 15 needles

Does the pattern call for working double strands?



If the pattern calls for knitting with two strands of dk, you can probably get away with worsted, if you want. I like Plymouth Encore for afghans that I want to be machine-washable. It comes in dk weight, as well.

So I would use one strand of worsted?

You can use one strand of worsted, but you’d have to use size 10.5 or maybe 11 needles. Otherwise it would be too loose and snag on things.

I did a couple of afghans with double strands of Caron’s SS and used a size 17 needle on one and a size 13 on the other because I didn’t like the looseness on the 17’s. I would think that double stranded worsted on size 15’s would work well.