Starting a new yarn

I have a question. My French mother-in-law taught me how to knit about 300 years ago. She told me that when you start a new yarn into something you’re already knitting, you should knit 3 stitches with the old and new, then drop the old and continue with the new (and not knot anything). I have never seen it done this way in any book. Does anyone do this?

That’s what I do. I use a marker to remind me to knit both yarns together on the next row or round.

I do too. I knit 2sts with both yarns. It works well for most projects.

I do that too. It’s never let anything come loose yet. Wool yarn will actually felt together as you use it so it really locks in. That way there’s no knot.

I will tie a knot if i need to, though, in slick yarn or where it won’t show.

I do this when it works well. Sometimes the thickness looks odd or the color may not work. Then I just weave in the ends. I never knot though.

Also… 300 yrs? :lol:

Maybe it was 3000. Dinosaurs roamed the earth. :teehee:

:roflhard: I feel that old sometimes, but I learned to knit only 10 yrs ago. :thumbsup: