Starting a new skein

So I am a third of the way through my Luna Moth shawl and it is time to attach the next skein. My question is which method would be best to attach the two ends of bamboo silk yarn with minimal notice? Thank you for all your help!

Usually I just tie the two ends of the different skeins together in a basic knot. Afterwards I just weave in the ends, and I’ve never had any visability problems :slight_smile:

PS. Now that I think about it, that’s only been done, usually, with thicker yarn, so I’m not sure how it would work on thinner yarn (if that’s what you have).

Its a very slippery yarn listed as a 3 for weight. I also wasn’t sure whether I would feel the knot or not…lol ( sorry made myself laugh!).

Look on the Tips page for joining yarn for the video on the Russian Join. That should work.

Russian join gets my vote! :thumbsup:

ok, so a little bit more left then it is russian join… Does it show the cut ends much? Where is the best place to do it, at the end of a row? I know I have to do edging after will this affect where I should do it?

It would probably be best to join at the edge with this yarn (you said it is kind of slippery). Then weave the ends along the edge and when you do an edging make sure you cover the woven in parts and this should secure them. linknit41

ok, so I tried to do the russian join and the yarn just untwists and slides apart. So I am guessing the yarn doesn’t like it or I have the wrong tools! Where can I find how to put in a non slip knot in? I am trying with small sample pieces first so if anyone has anymore suggestion I am open! Thanks!

I just knot my ends loosely together, go on to knit a few more rows, then go back to the knot and rearrange it so the knot is in the purl bump of the knit st (and on the WS) then tie it tighter and weave in the ends. For your shawl do this in an area of solid knitting and the knot won’t show, or shift around to the RS.

I might be able to work it into a the triple decrease…would this be a good place?

Yes, you should be able to hide the knot fairly well.

I just found a knot that won’t slip with this yarn! I have been trying for an hour trying to find something that doesn’t just slip off!

PS tried the first one!

I love his accent! I could listen to him talk all day. :heart: