Starting a new ball by overlapping

Simple question, all: when one’s finished one’s garment (which in my current case will be somewhere near my centenary, I believe), how long should one leave the two ends of the overlapping bits, please?

It can seem endless at times. I only overlap the yarn for one or two stitches. I weave in the ends and cut them with about a centimeter left hanging (see video below). The back of my knitting won’t win any prizes at the state fair but at least the ends never (well, hardly ever) poke through to the right side.
If you overlap for more stitches, maybe 5 or 6, about a cm left hanging without weaving in still works.

Oh, the weaving part is one thing I’ve managed to master, salmonmac: especially in crocheting vari-coloured motifs.
But I do appreciate the input re the ends. If it’s good enough for you, it sure as hell’s good enough for me.

I’m stumped. What are the overlapping bits when you’re all finished?


I’m trying to figure out what will be overlapping when you’re done. Based on salmonmac’s reply and your response it has to do with yarn ends, but joining new yarn isn’t, as I understand, done when you’re finished. Maybe I’m just having a dense day. :shrug:

Hmm … lemme think, so as to be able (we can only hope) to clarify what I’m trying to say, YRG.
The overlapping [I]has been done[/I] when changing to the new ball. That is the method I’ve adopted for this continuous garment.
My question was to do with each end of the two overlapped balls: how long should I leave 'em at the back of the knitting?
Have I only confused things further …?

OK. salmonmac understood. I see now. The finished garment part was what confused me. Thanks!