Starting a knitting club

I am thinking about starting a knitting club but i am not sure how to do it. If you have any ideas i would really like it it you could help me out!!!

Well a knitting club sounds wonderful. I would think you would have to decide WHERE you will have it. WHO you will invite. Thats a good place to start. Good luck with it!! :cheering:

I know Where it is going to be an I am going to put up signs. xxx

~~Start with this website… on the forum Knitters Knear You…
Next look for people in your area.
Next google Stich n Bitch (SnB) and they offer suggestions on how to locate a meeting or start you own
GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HUNTING~!! :cheering: :cheering:

Thank you that is a really good idea!!! :x: :guyknitting: xxx :x:

What should I get them to make and where should i donate it to? xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

There are a ton of knitting charities. Here’s a few lists.

Here’s a few specific ideas;
Knit for Kids - sweaters
Snuggles Project - blankets for homeless animals
Mother Bear Project

Thank you that is very helpful

you can also make items for a specific organization
I M making Chemo caps for a local hospital
and i knit with a group that makes gifts for meals on wheels workers and recipients
preemie caps for hospitals, and booties when you get more skilled
Blankets for shelters and hospitals
lap blankets, and lap robes, and shawls for people in nursing homes

just a few ideas


Thank you for those ideas.

What shoul i tach then to do first?

I’m working on teaching my Girl Scout troop to knit and crochet; they’re mostly 9 and 10 year olds.

One of the first things we did was make finger-crocheted necklaces. I got some colorful Red Heart yarn and big pony beads. Two of the girls I have already knew how to crochet, so they liked learning to put the beads in the stitches; other girls made a chain and strung the beads over that.

Another thing we did was learn how to cast on and do garter stitch. Some of the girls cast on just a few, and others did more. Depending on how wide the pieces were were and how much the girls wanted to do, some turned into headbands, bracelets, some became coin purses and bags. I think the girls got a big kick out of seeing how even though they were all making rectangles, they ended up with very different projects.

xxx Thank you for those ideas!! they are great!!! Does any one have any links or ideas where i could get patterns that boys would like to make or keep? I cant think of any!! :shrug: xxx