Starting a hat question

I have to cast on 5 sts on double pts and go from there. Ive tried this at least 30 times. The next step is p1 m1. Is there an easier way to do this…can it be done the magic loop way at he beginning.

Whether you use dpns or ML or 2 circs it’s tricky. Instead of trying to put 5 sts on 3 needles, only put them on 2. Use the 3rd needle to join and make the increase row. Just use the 3 needles for a while until you have enough sts that you can start using the 4th needle and you should be good. The other way is to leave them on 1 needle, do the increases flat, then join and arrange the sts over 2 or more needles.

Or Cheat!

cast on 5 stitches.

work in 5 stitch i cord of about an inch.

(if desired, place a life line on last row of icord. )

then divide onto DNP’s and start increases.
(the i cord tail help 'support the DPN’s so they are not so wonky!)

after the hat is finished, cut (with scissors!) the cast on, and slowly unravel inch of I-cord. use tail to bind off (drawsting style) the last round of 5 stitches (from the icord)

[B]alternately [/B]use a finer yarn (fingering) make 1.5 inches of icord.

Turn work, drop fingering yarn, pick up real yarn and start to KNIT (You’ll be looking at the PURL side of icord)

start with 1 round of knitting (instead of cast on) the divide over DPN’s (again, the i cord tail help 'support the DPN’s so they are not so wonky!)

when hat is done, finish by attaching i cord cast on tail to base of icord (last R of fingering yarn)–wind it round i-cord and tie it in place.

this will make a small loop on inside of the hat… great for clipping onto a latch on ski jacket, or for hanging hat on a hook (when not wearing!)

i like Sues method. i HAve done a few things which using a very low number of stitches and it can be tricky over three needles … everything just flops all over the place. at this number you can quite easily do it with the stitches only on two needles instead then when you have increased go up to the more conventional three needles (if there are a couple of increase round you may be able to get away with it for a bit an extra round too).

If you still find it a little bit difficult to control i find it easiest to do the first couple of rows (even when there are a lot of stitches) with my hands resting on my lap and the needles very low down.

Thank you all…I will try again today cause I didnt get it yesterday.