Started The Baby Booties

Mom kindly gave me some pink baby yarn for the baby booties I want to make for a husband and wife trucking team that is expecting a baby girl in December.

I’ve started working on them. As I am pig-headed I am improvising them instead of doing the smart thing and following a pattern. I guess I enjoy frustration :rofl:

I’m going to do them toe up. After some trial and error and Googling for seamless cast on, I settled on a Turkish cast on for the toe. After a few trial attempts I got the hang of it and it looks pretty good. It makes a nice seamless little pocket that’s perfect for the toe.

As I’ve never done booties before I am unsure of the correct size for such things. After getting the toe going and a few rounds I consulted Mom to see what she thought about the size, and she felt it should be a little smaller so I frogged and started over again.

The end of the toe is now roughly 2 inches wide (about a half inch less than before). I think that seems about right. I’m thinking the sole of the bootie should probably be about 3.5 inches long. Does that sound about right?

I’ll be doing short row to turn the heel, much like a sock. I haven’t yet decided on the top yet. I’m torn between a simple short ribbed top or a longer one that is folded down. I guess I’ll figure that out when I get there.


You are adorable. If you are ever in NY I want to knit with you. Oh - and drink beer!


That’s a great gift.


Well, that depends on whether I totally screw them up or not :rofl:

Here’s measurements for babies.

I can’t wait to hear the stories from the bootie knitting! :teehee:

Oh Please tell me that you are going to carry these with you so you can knit on them in the next bar you accidently wonder into. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Thanks Jan! That does help, and I see I was in the ball park for the length. It’s a shame they don’t also list an average width too.


Depends on whether or not I finish them while I am still at home. There’s also a blue pair I need to make so I may wind up finishing those on the road.

Mason, i measured a baby sock that I had saved. It was about 2 inches in width when laid flat.


Babies usually have chubby feet so the two inches is probably a very good estimate. :thumbsup:

Well, since we are on the subject of feet… I have to share a picture of my new granddaughters FEET!!! Here she is only 1 dsay old with the biggest feet I have ever seen on a baby. I am going to attempt a pair of booties… I hopebabies aren’t like puppies and their feet are an indication of how big they will get. If they are, she’ll be 7 feet tall!!!

Please ignore all the bruises on her poor little heels,hospital blood work!

Meh. I didn’t like the way it was shaping. Too much like a sock instead of a bootie so I frogged it. I have an idea to still go seamless but from the sole up instead,

I’ll try making/shaping the sole first and then work up the sides from there and see how that goes. Should be more like a bootie and less like a sock.

Ah well, nothing like a bit of experimenting to pass an evening :rofl:

Well, as much as I hate to admit it I resorted to a pattern to figure this thing out.

I had the right idea starting from the sole and working up. I got that bit figured out just fine, but getting the short rows worked out to shape the toe end so that it looked right was just kicking my butt.

Amazingly enough I found a pattern by YarnThrower that is very close to what I had worked out to that point. I used her pattern to work out the toe shaping. It fit in perfectly with what I had already worked out on my own. I have to give her and her pattern partial credit for the bootie. Once I read her pattern it made perfect sense. I had been close in my attempts but just not quite right.

I’m working the ribbing for the cuff now so I should have the first one finished before too long.

Can’t wait to see it!

This is one of my favorite patterns because you have the choice of sole up or top down and it’s easy to personalize. There are lots of good ones though.

Yeah, a bootie can be harder than you’d think. They are pretty much like a sock though, at least many of them are. Many bootie patterns are about 4 inches long, but that is pretty big. Babies can be in all sorts of sizes, including feet, as Ginny’s photo attests. I think your 3.5 will be better. 2 inches seems a little wide to me. Some babies may have chubby feet though. The things will stretch a lot.

I’ve tired out bootie patterns and not paid a lot of attention to gauge (usually because I don’t have the yarn I need and am trying something else) and made ones that would fit a 2 year old. LOL I have several extra large booties around here that I never bothered to make a mate for.

Seeing pink booties in a bar might be better than seeing pink elephants, but then seeing a trucker knitting them might be just as confusing to some customers. :slight_smile:

Mason, what a great gift! Should i say i’m green with envy of your knitting courage :teehee:?! :notworthy: ETA: I just saw your last post… Booties are a bit hard to figure out, aren’t they? I’m using Saartje’s Bootees pattern for a pair i’m knitting and i like it so far.

I saw that one while searching for something to help me with the toe but it didn’t match up with what I had already done and I was too stubborn to frog it again and start over :rofl:

Seeing pink booties in a bar might be better than seeing pink elephants, but then seeing a trucker knitting them might be just as confusing to some customers. :slight_smile:


Yeah, when I started them I had the idea they’d just be like a tiny pair of socks, but I didn’t like the way that looked. I wanted to make something that actually looked like little booties, not socks. Ah well, sometimes figuring it all out is the fun part.

Finished the first one.