Started organizing yarn

I’ve got a lot of organizing to do.
Here’s the before mess:

I got overwhelmed, so, I drove to my LYS, talked to a nice employee there, bought this pretty yarn:

After I came home, I noticed my little Chihuahua was cold, so, I covered her up, and now she’s toasty warm. It gets cold here,sometimes, and this old house we live in, wasn’t built for keeping the heat in.
Anyways, isn’t she cute?

Wow that is alot of yarn! I thought my one bin full was a lot. I’d love to have more though.:teehee:

Yes, it’s a lot. Some of it is donations.
If your husband ever complains about your yarn ‘habit’, just show him these photos.

I’ve been wanting to organize my yarn too…
Any day now, any day…
I can think in my mind how beautiful it would look, all in individual cubbies, but still no movement in the direction of my vision… :slight_smile:

Well it’s funny because I have a project in mind for all the yarn I have, but I find new projects and therefore need new yarn. I will indeed show this to him the next he complains.:wink:

My first thought was ‘why?’ Then I clicked in, you do have a lot of yarn! I think of my (much smaller now) stash as ‘security’. No one I know, and a lot of folks I don’t know, will be warmer because of it.

Wow… that would be so fun to organize!! [SIZE=1](and buy storage containers for…)[/SIZE]

I got a kick out of your stress relief… “overwhelmed by yarn… therefore I must buy more!”:roflhard:

I think I would be more overwhelmed trying to use it! I have guilt pangs with just the little bit I have hanging around!:wink:

And yes, your Chihuahua is very cute… she looks very cozy…:slight_smile:

Last year, in our thread called Year of the Stash 2007…one of our Stashies declared a particular day “Flash Your Stash Day”!

It was really neat to see photos of other’s stash! It was a real eye-opener! :wink:

That yarn you bought is gorgeous!

I thought I had alot!!! I’ve got mine in one of those plastic thingies with 3 big drawers but its starting to overflow!!

Ya know, I thought about using cubbies, then changed my mind, cause I would have needed a million cubbies. So, we went for metal shelves, and see through plastic bins.

Got this at Home Depot. I looked at their plastic storage drawers, and they weren’t going to be cost effective. Id have to stack them to the ceiling, too.

I am what they call an obsessive compulsive yarn person.
heh heh!
I would probably sift through Hobby Lobby’s dumpsters if they’d let me.

Sounds good to me. I’m knitting blankets and stuff, for victims of violence. We have something here, a program, about that.
Very sad. Also, a friend of mine is knitting little hats for babies, and I’ll pick them up from her house, and drop them off at the hospital.

Glad you caught that irony! hee hee!
And, it IS fun to organize. I keep rolling ideas over and over in my head, figuring out how to do this.

She’s my sweetie. She follows me everywhere, and sits with me while I have my morning coffee, and bible reading. She loves to go for rides, and barks furiously at anyone who drives by our car.
Silly little doggie.

Now that my kids are married and gone away, little Peppy gets all the attention. Hubby keeps busy playing video games.
Hey, what reasons do we knit?
I like to roll yarn. See? My latest ball:

I knit to learn new things, to keep my mind busy. I don’t like tv much, and at night, there’s not much else to do. Can’t eat snacks ALL night!